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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Healthy Stuff

You might find this post slightly snooze-worthy if you're used to reading all of the usual fun product reviews, Q&As and giveaways for awesome new toys and mom things, whether it's clothing or a new book. And if you don't give a flip about chemicals, you're not bothering me to just move on and come back next week. But, I've been meaning to tell you about a truly amazing site called HealthyStuff.org for awhile now!

When little C. was first born I didn't know about this reference. Eek! That was def when I needed it the most. But probably close to when he turned one, I started thinking about things more. Not that I didn't already, but I had an aha moment (and this is very similar to Jessica Alba's Honest story) when little C. broke out into red rashes all over his face and body after I used a certain "sensitive" detergent. Seriously. Just because it says it's made for baby or "green" does not make it so. I could care less about the container it's in being recyclable if it's going to break out my baby...and so it goes on for toys...

Little by little, by the time little C was one, I literally fazed out (alllllmost) every plastic toy he owned. I'm not saying it's all bad - we do own some plastic - but when he was a baby I just didn't want tons of it around. There are all kinds of yucky things in it, and little C was a definite oral baby!
However, keep in mind wooden toys are also deceiving and can be juuuuust as bad. That's why you never know until you search this site (or research otherwise). Some brands truly disappoint me.

Once little C. grew closer to the toddler stage, I didn't worry quite as much, but continued to check the HealthyStuff.org site (and still do!). I know I drive the family crazy, but if there's something on that list that registers as having chemicals, I just can't bring myself to have it around our house. We're talking LEAD, bromine, chlorine, arsenic. I mean, what?! They put these chemicals in toys (vitamins, too, believe it or not), and it's such a shame. Of course, you can't shelter your child from it all...he goes to school...church...lives life...But, I feel like if I can do my part at home as a parent during these formative years, it's better than nothing. Yes, it costs more to buy eco-friendly/organic things, but little C's totally worth the cost - and the extra effort.

In fact, all you do is enter a brand or toy name in the site's search bar at the top of the page and voila! I like to search brands in general to see what's on the "bad list" as I call it. That way when I'm shopping I have this sort of mental image of what I shouldn't buy. The site ranks products low, medium and high and even lists the chemicals! Sometimes if there are multiple parts, it will break it down into parts, so if it's just the bus driver on the bus, I'll find a new one. ;)

Call me crazy, but I've found this site super helpful (I use a similar one for grooming products), and I felt it my duty to pass along. Take my advice or leave it. You're the mom and it's totally up to you! :)

Have a chic week...xo

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