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Monday, February 4, 2013

Celebrities Who Wear Eyeglasses

When I think of chic celebrities in eyeglasses, I think of Hilary Duff. She always wears some of the best frames, and they just look natural on her face (I can think of some celebs where this is not the case). While I don't wear glasses (um, I've never even been to the eye doctor...shudder), I've been tooling around with pulling out my faux pair of black ones again. Something about cold weather makes me wanna do this...I have no idea why. But, don't they look great with an infinity scarf a la the photo above? Mine are no Gucci, Georgio Armani or even Ray-Ban (although, I'm obsessed with my sunnies of this major brand), they fit the square glasses, black frame trend that doesn't ever seem to die. I mean, everyone could use a pair of these in their life. 

Should I take them along to New York this week? I'm not sure about that...although they only take up a miniscule amount of space, and might be great for when I pop in that museum during the day. Wink. They might also look thought-provoking as I scan the runway from my seat. Mhmm...mhmm...as I do the infamous "approval nod." 

What do you think...do you wear faux glasses just to be on trend? Should I bring mine along to New York this trip??

[Photo via Gurl.com]

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  1. My daughter does this all the time. She has several frames with just plastic lenses in them, because they are a "fashion statement".

    Somehow I don't remember all the kids in school (WAY back when) who "had" to wear glasses claiming they were a fashion statement! LOL I know 39DollarGlasses.com sells a lot of eyeglasses for "fashion".

    But I guess like everything else in this world, even eyeglasses must evolve.


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