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Friday, February 1, 2013

More on Bleulab...How to Freeze Clean Your Jeans?

How cute is this lil' collage Bleulab made for me wearing my cheetah jeans? Squeal! I love this brand. I'm actually packing for New York, New York (cue the Rockette-like high kicks...) as I type this. I don't leave until next week, but the Virgo in me takes weeks to pack. Seriously. One of the first outfits to pack is this one, mainly because these Bleulab jeans are reversible...hello! Actually, I'll prob even travel in these and switch sides later in the day (listen to me, still deciding things in my head...!). 

I think the cheetah side will be fun for all of the shoe previews I'm going to...yeah, can't wait to fill you in on those. It just so happens I'm in town during FFANY, this huge footwear showcase. How perfecto, no? (That's about as sweet as 25% off at Kurt Geiger, yes? Online discounts are too hard to reist for moi.)The tees are comfy, and the boots are, too. I'm thinking they're perfect for that terrible airport routine we have to do these days. The coated black side on the reverse is going to go great with my new Winter Kate fringe sweater in royal blue. I'll be lucky if I can get myself to change to the cheetah later in the day because the black coated is pretty fantastic. And either one would look amazing for Broadway. We're gonna try to catch a show while we're there because ScarJo's starring in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Who can miss her? (oh yeah, and the play...haha)

So...I'll be back at it here on Monday, but hope to post pretty regularly while I'm "out of the office." (although, really I'll still be in the office because I'm going to be covering some of fashion week while in town as well...sigh...it's rough, I know.) But, before I leave you to your chic weekend, I have to share this tip that came with my Bleulab jeans! 

How to "Freeze Clean" your Jeans (apparently coated jeans are very delicate and minimal dry cleaning is recommended)

1. Spot clean stains and let jeans dry completely
2. Fold lengthwise twice, then smooth out the wrinkles
3. Place jeans in zip lock bag and close tightly without air
4. Place jeans in freezer for a minimum of 24 hours
5. Thaw, wear and repeat!

This is pretty genius and verrrrry interesting, right? I haven't tried it yet, but certainly plan to soon. If you have, comment and let me know! Air kisses xo

[Photo via Bleulab]

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