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Friday, February 22, 2013

What the Stars Wear UNDER Their Gowns (Shhh...)

celebrity stylist Estee Stanley talks about red carpet undergarments
Lea Michele, styled in Valentino by Estee Stanley for a Golden Globes party
Annnnnd it's almost Oscars time, y'all! Sweeeeeet. I'm so gonna be live-tweeting the red carpet on Twitter...care to join me? (@iheartheels) The gowns, the hair, the shoes! It's a fashion lover's dream night (oh, and I guess movie lover's...eh). This weekend I've been working overtime to get you ALL the scoop on absolutely everything. Yep, that includes undergarments, folks. You can't be red-carpet ready without them, so we found out all the tricks from uber-stylist Estee Stanley. She's dressing Lea Michele and Minka Kelly (did I mention I just met her?) for this year's Oscar festivities and has a long client list of fearless fashionistas. Estee, fill us in!

I Heart Heels: What brands do you turn to for the best in undergarments?
Estee Stanley: Victoria’s Secret is my go-to, especially now that they have their new shapewear line that's ultra sexy. I also love their fabulous Multi-Way Bra.
celebrity stylist Estee Stanley talks about red carpet undergarments

IHH: Are there any tricks to making everything appear seamless...do you ever double up on shapers, or is that a no-no?
ES: That's a no-no! I just use the Victoria’s Secret shapewear line. All of their shapewear is seamless – the line comes in lace and print so even if you do get a glimpse of it, it's still beautiful and sexy.

IHH: At what point do you choose the undergarments...the beginning of the whole process or after everything else has been chosen? 
ES: The beginning - once the dress has been chosen and established.

IHH: If you had to pick the can't-live-without-undergarment for the red carpet, it would be..
ES: The Victoria’s Secret thong that also [covers] your stomach – still sexy but holds your stomach in. It’s called the The Embracer Waist-cincher Thong. This is great because it smooths your stomach and doesn’t create the bicycle short look that can be seen through a dress.
celebrity stylist Estee Stanley talks about red carpet undergarments
[Photos via INF Photo; Victoria's Secret]

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