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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Bath Time Pampering

Ah, a chenille hooded towel. little C. is being spoiled by the minute, folks. I can't help myself! When Little Giraffe offered to send us one of their Chenille Toddler Towels ($45) I jumped on it! Why? Well, for one thing I promise you little C. was using a towel we had for ages that I would just wash over and over again. Isn't that terrible? But mostly because we've used Little Giraffe products since he was a baby and I knew the quality would be impeccable (I mean, c'mon Suri Cruise is a fan...). 

Actually, I already knew the chenille on the hood and trim would feel like heaven because one of little C's very-first loveys was the very same chenille from Little Giraffe...swoon. The softness of it is magical...and let me tell ya little C. is a sucker for all things soft (one of his fav comfort habits, in fact, is to rub my elbow...it's precious!). We own the blue towel, but there are eight different colors to choose from...which, no doubt, makes me want them all.

This really is one luxe (and absorbent!) towel...and it can work from baby to toddler just fine. An essential worth investing in and one of those little luxuries your little one will thank you for. You know, kinda like those fuzzy slippers you own? Wink.

P.S. After months and month of stomping his feet for a shower only, little C. is finally taken again with his bath. He discovered his toys float (imagine!) and that boy loves to use his imagination to create his own new "games." And nothing is cuter than little C. in fresh PJs with his wet hair all combed down. Swoon x 1000.

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