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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Oscar de la Renta Gets Fancy

little C. sure is growing up - WOW. Every day it sinks in little by little that pretty soon he really won't be little. He'll just be C.?! That blows my mind, and I'm not gonna think about that because really he'll always be my little C. (insert tons of swoons) But, when I think about him growing and going off to preschool (probably next year...), I picture all of the schoolboys in their uniforms that look much like these fancy Oscar de la Renta duds. Oh, I'm gonna have tears that day! 

Here we have a solid long-sleeved shirt, classic twill trousers and a (verrrrry nice) cotton twill blazer. These pieces range from $85-250, so don't gulp too loudly, but know that your little guy will have them for several years and they'll be a go-to for all those major events (just grab this outfit every time, seriously!). If I were to attend the Oscars with little C., he would so wear this. Unfortch (or fortch for him...), I would prob mostly be dragging him to church in this, but hey! Cutest kid in the class award, most def. And obvi that shirt and those pants can be paired with endless amounts of things (although prob not those sweatpants little C. adores...sigh...). Today, in fact, he told me: "I don't like going to the mall." Guess I'll always be doing the shopping for him...and I don't mind! ;)

P.S. One more thing! I forgot to show you the moccasins. Completely irresistible. Am I right? Marking it on little C's must-have list right now...
[Photos Courtesy Oscar de la Renta]

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