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Monday, March 4, 2013

Best Brow Pencil Goes To...

For the past several months, (aka after I ran out of the brow pencil I had used for ages), I've been using a glorious new brow product - Lancome Le Crayon Poudre ($25.50). While I was perfectly happy with the brand I had been using, like all beauty bloggers, I vow to branch out and try new things. Why Lancome? They've been completely rocking the red carpet with stunning looks on the likes of Kerry Washington and Julianne Hough (although not this particular product, might I add). Hey, if the brand's good enough for them (during awards season, no less), it's certainly divine enough for moi. Overall verdict? I'm a happy girl!

Lancome actually sent me several shades to test out because while I don't have tons of brow to worry about, that's exactly it, I don't have tons of brow to worry about...sigh. Back in the day, my Meme had the same color of hair as me (only a brighter red) and relied on two things that I can remember: lipstick and brow pencil. She was never without - even if she didn't leave the house. So, I guess you can say those genes finally caught up with me and I sorta feel inclined to never be without my brow pencil. It really does open the eyes, and is often a product that's overlooked. I now realize I look like I have no brows without it, and that's no bueno.

Going back to the shades, this was the tricky part for me. I actually lighten my red hair color with blonde highlights, so my brows are still a bit darker. I've found that the lighter shade of Natural Blonde is not dark enough for my strawberry blonde hair, whereas, the Sable is better and the Taupe is actually quite perfect. I would say Taupe is a great middle-of-the- road shade for most anyone, really. If in doubt. But I love the way it sort of enhances what I've already got - and I can fill in where needed. 

At one end is the power pencil, and the other is a brush (which I will use time to time, but don't really feel necessary with my lack of brows). My favorite part about this pencil is it blends right in without looking fake - so natural! So, I guess no one realllllly has to know about my brow pencil addiction. Right? ;)

[Photo via Lancome]

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