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Monday, March 18, 2013

Diane Kruger's Pretty in Pink

I was just saying on Twitter the other day how much I heart the color gray (especially dark gray...oh, yummy!!) SO much. The troubling part of this story? I don't look good in it...le sigh. And even more disheartening one of my fav color combos of all time is this dark gray and bubblegum pink...ooooooh la la. Look here! Diane Kruger sure does look good in it, right?

These are the Current/Elliott Stiletto jeans in Day Glow. Now, folks, I own a lot of skinny jeans and I happen to have these (in another print) and they are way up there on the skinny jeans chicness scale...say, top 3, skinny jeans of all time. They do fit lower than others, maybe a little slimmer (but only at first, until they stretch to juuuuust right), and the calf is exactly right. It fits the calf and crops at the bottom just in time to debut that jaw-dropping well, ya know, stiletto. It's ok Diane, we'll let this one slide this time. Flats are allowed sometimes. 

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