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Friday, March 22, 2013

Just Like the Spa...Portico Slub Towels

I'm gonna leave you for the weekend with thoughts of comfort. Why? Because I've been using this new "slub towel" from Portico Home & Spa that feels absolutely amazing! Um, sorta like the slub tees I'm addicted to, y'all. I don't often blog about home pieces, but this one was def worth mentioning. See all the colors above? Squeal! The inner home decorator in me loves it. So many options and so much softness, it's bliss, I tell you. 

These towels are currently sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond (and they've long had their cozy little selves in Hyatt Hotels), but they're expanding into Neiman Marcus later this spring! I love that Portico has an eco footprint with a tagline "inspired by nature, crafted with integrity." The brand began in Soho, carrying everything from high-end furniture and sleepwear to these lovely towels. Just recently, Portico has begun to re-emerge as both natural and sustainable, and so far, I'm loving what I feel (err, see). And while the environmental focus is great, the quality (and those pretty, pretty colors!) just can't be overlooked. Come Monday, I'll feel like I've been at the spa all weekend...ahhhhhh....

[Photo Credit: Portico Home]

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