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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MeUndies Expands To Tees & Socks

As I think you've gathered by now, I'm a softie. Literally. I love to wear soft things. And since my lifestyle at the moment affords me the ability to either stay in my soft PJs all day or change into a soft tee with jeans and heels for the day, this is how I roll. Love me or leave me! I recently had an epiphany...I heart any tee that's made in L.A. (well, most any). Why? Because those Cali kids totally get me and understand what I wear is what I live in. I wanna feel so good in what I'm wearing (um, especially if my feet are hurting from my heels...), that I wanna tell everybody! So, I'm doing it. 

Remember when I told you about MeUndies - where you can actually have new underwear delivered every month? Just when I thought it couldn't get any cooler, they've expanded to include super-soft tees and even socks! The tees are very basic and great for layering...I even wore mine to Pilates last week. They come in white, (I was sent a gorgeous green) and black. So...if you live in layering tees like moi, this subscription might be a great one for you at just $20 per month.

The socks come in some pretty amazing designs, but to be honest down south, we just don't wear them that much (it's true). What I'm newly addicted to are these briefs (shhhh....I know, it's getting kinda personal right?). MeUndies had sent me some of their things to try in the past if you recall, and I didn't feel 100-percent comfy in them. The problem? I hadn't found my style. These are mostly micro-modal, which means they feel darn good (you know, that slinky feel). Since most of my PJs are micro-modal (I honestly might as well throw out anything else), I knew these would be an instant hit. And the jewel tone colors are squeal-worthy, indeed. With a subscription, they're $16 each.

I'm truly excited for MeUndies and what they're doing - it's truly innovative and so much fun! You've got to try it for yourself...if you don't like your first pair, they'll refund your money. But I'm pretty sure your heart will captured by then...

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