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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Obsessed with Loomstate 321 for Spring

Today I'm in a Loomstate of mind. Gosh, I love this label and everything it stands for - good for the body, good for the planet. Once warm weather hits, I live in my Loomstate. And now I'm super excited about spring because they have this new reversible collection called Loomstate 321 - it's def squeal-worthy!

Bright and reversible tops, tanks and beach dresses...wow, I'm craving my beach trip already! This new line is made using a sustainable fiber Tencel. How you ask? The cellulose of wood pulp from organically harvested trees is processed into a silky thread using a closed loop system (99% of solvents are recycled). Isn't this awesome stuff?

The 321 collection is ideal for travel and an active beach lifestyle...or ya know, just us plain ol' sun-loving, beach-going gals (wink). By making the pieces reversible, you can wear them multiple ways, which is so genius, and perfect for the Loomstate brand itself. Most of the pieces are multiple layers of colored Tencel fabric, so can be flipped and reversed for completely different looks. You can head to the beach with one look and then flip your outfit for a completely different nighttime look! The collection is also travel friendly due to the wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying nature of Tencel, not to mention, they're completely compact and so easy to pack. This is great because I do love to cram as many pieces as I can into that lil' summer bag o' mine. 

The pieces shown here are my favorites, but there a few others in the collection not shown here. I just love all of the contrasting hues, but I mostly love the free-spirited approach to the Loomstate designs. Like I said, I could live in them. And now even more since they're reversible! :)

P.S. While the spring Loomstate 321 collection isn't available for another month, the current Resort collection is available online now.

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