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Monday, March 25, 2013

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy

If you've been to Target lately, you've likely seen a whole slew of these products by Organix on the shelf (ours is on the endcap...front and center). My advice? Try it!!! You know since I had little C. over three years ago, I've gone lazy on my hair. You know how most new moms immediately chop off their hair? Well, I decided to grow mine out (sorta a little new mom rebellion, indeed)! I'm loving every bit of the length, but sometimes I wish I had time to make my hair straight more often instead of air drying into waves. And...I don't always have the funds for a blowout every week. This is where Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy rocks my long-hair-loving world. 

I swear to you on the tip-top of my peep-toes that this stuff will make your hair light as a feather. At first it was an adjustment, as my waves are mega-thick....but it feels just like after you step outta the salon.  No joke. The other major plus? It smells like a tropical island, lathers on really well and the conditioner mirrors chocolate mousse (hey, had to throw that in). As a new mom, I don't have time for all of these products in the line-up, so just the shampoo and conditioner I was sent will do, but they're pretty awesome alone, I'll say. 

I do have to be in the mood to get out the dryer (and I still have to perfect combing the back of my hair where those pesky waves like to hide...ugh), but when I do, I rather enjoy my straight hair. It sure does beat having to visit the salon every other week! Keratin is where it's at, folks. Pure magic.

P.S. The generous size of these bottles makes me happy as well...they're super affordable at under $10!

[Photo via Organix]

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