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Friday, March 15, 2013

Shop Hers Finds Your Style Soul Mate - Lanvin, Anyone?

Have I got a Friday treat for you! It's a new online consignment shop called Shop Hers (go ahead and squeal). I've actually been digging around on it for the past week keeping track of (ok, stalking) some amazing pieces flying across the screen. Christian Louboutin heels...Kooba bags...Lanvin flats?! Catch my drift here? I'm a total heels girl, but when I saw these Lanvin stunners on Shop Hers (and they offered to send them to me!), I couldn't resist...I have to admit I've always wanted a pair because these are "the flats" to own. The process of shopping online for them, putting them in my cart and receiving them was super easy and I loved every moment of it. The condition of the shoes sent to me is, in fact, amazing - and even came with its own dust bag. I'm pleased as punch. 

Below is a Q&A with the owner of the site, Jaclyn Shanfeld. Key takeaways? You can use your body measurement and fav brands to match up with your Style Soul Mate; everything is authentic; there is a return policy. Yep, I'm now hooked.  

I Heart Heels: This site is fun! What's been the general feedback so far?
Shop Hers: The positive feedback rolls in daily, almost as often as the Manolos and Louboutins! Women are thankful for a platform that sustains their need to simply reboot and refresh their wardrobes. We have our sellers who have really been burned by 'consignment' stores, [and they] love selling on Shop Hers because we take a far lower transaction fee and guarantee quality and authenticity. Our buyers enjoy a curated marketplace that often feels like shopping Net-a-Porter at one-third of the price.

IHH: How often would you say new items are added? I noticed tons of shoes! ;)
SH: New items are added to the site every minute of the day. Sellers will post one thing and when they see it sell, sometimes in a matter of hours, they immediately go through their closets for more. It's addicting! 

IHH: Who is this site geared towards?

SH: Fashion-savvy women who want luxury items that won't break their bank accounts. It's for the women that want Chanel to meet the women who have Chanel; and for a relationship to build between them. It's for the girl who wants to look fabulous for an event, but won't wear the same dress twice. She buys an $800 dress, ends up wearing it once, sells it for $500 on Shop Hers, now the $500 dress only cost her $300! Life is good. 

IHH: What are some hot-ticket items they you gotta click fast on to buy? 

SH: Anything Chanel, Christian Louboutin or Prada sells like hot cakes! Alaia booties, Celine luggage bags...act fast!

IHH: How long are you able to keep those items you love in your shopping cart before purchasing?

SH: You can keep the item in your shopping bag as long as you like, but know that the item will likely be sold if you leave it too long. We tell women in real time how many others have the item in their shopping bag when you add it. I always encourage women to follow their instincts as every item on the site is one of a kind and women all over the country are shopping simultaneously. 

The good news is that we have a return policy; most pre-owned luxury sites don't. You can return anything purchased on Shop Hers. Dior flats one size too big because you got the conversion wrong? No problem! We'll re-sell them and the seller is never notified. We'll buy them back from you.

IHH: I love the Style Soul Mate idea! How did you get this idea?

SH: My co-founder was the creative director at Nordstrom.com and she saw merchandise constantly being returned because of fit. She realized that women were shopping according to their size in one brand and trying to apply that number to brands across the board. The simple fact is that you can be a size 6 in a DVF wrap dress and a size 4 in a Helmut Lang skirt; there's no consistency. Just because two women can fit into one dress, you can't derive commonality in their body types. 

We knew that if we wanted to create a social marketplace where women could shop with confidence, we'd have to curate it in a way that made sense. Jenna flew to L.A. from Seattle and we locked ourselves in a hotel room for a week and created Style Soul Mates. We broke down a woman's body by her measurements and applied those measurements to different articles of clothing. For example, if you and I have the same bra size, waist, and height, and additionally like the same brands, we can wear the same tops and dresses. Now we can shop one another's closets knowing that we're a match. It solves a lot of problems and women have created relationships based on their commonality in size and style. We love watching women buy and sell to one another...it's so cool!

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