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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Ladys & Gents

Happy Spring, mamas! Time to take those kiddos out and PLAY. I swear, if little C. could live outside, he would. He's such a boy, and has recently taken to throwing pebbles in the nearby creek. Oh, the joy it brings him! Isn't it fun to see kids happy? I think it's one of the best parts of being a mama, personally. Another great part is playing dress-up (squeal!). Which leads me to this new, amazing site started by designer Jenni Kayne (LOVE her) and uber-stylist Estee Stanley (think Jessica Biel and Lea Michele). Introducing Ladys & Gents. It's designed to "showcase kids' looks at their best," and the two new mothers and BFFs were inspired by their love for dressing up their own kids.

Street style for kids? Yes, maams! So adorable and so swoonworthy. You've got to check it out. We're talking lil' precious things in Gucci shoes and heart-shaped sunnies. Under each picture, it lists all the brands. Too, too cute. 

And, of course, I Heart Heels caught up with Jenni to ask just a few insider questions...like where they shop - enjoy! (Oh, and P.S. You can send your own cutie patootie's photos to ladys@ladysandgents.com.)  

I Heart Heels: What made you come up with the idea for the site? It's soooo cute! 
Jenni Kayne: Estee and I love dressing the kids, and we were constantly sending pictures to one another. So, we thought why not share with everyone else!

IHH: As new mothers and friends, what activities do you and your kids do together? Might I ask if your little ones cooperate during shopping trips?
JK: No shopping for the little ones! We love going to the Brentwood Country Mart to eat and play. We go to the Farmer's Market on the weekends and when we need a night out, we go to Escuela.

IHH: What does it take to get a photo on your site...what are you looking for, in particular? 
JK: We like a clean background, cute outfit and not a lot of movement.

IHH: What are some of your fav ways to dress your own little ones?
JK: I love dressing them in color and layers!

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