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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: No More Seams

Ok, this shirt by Teres Kids is awesome. As little C. might say, "I kinda sorta love it." He's a mess. Not sure about your crazy weather, but down south it's been just that. Windy as can be this week and COLD. Late March is not supposed to be cold around here (shaking my head). So...I was realllllly glad when Teres Kids offered to send little C. this long sleeve V-neck t-shirt ($37) to try out. There are several colors offered, but he's been wearing this indigo/gold version and I just love it with his hair color!

As you know, I'm an eco freak, so one of the things I love most about this shirt is it's 100-percent organic cotton. But the selling point? There are no tags and no seams, not even a raw edge! To be honest, we had a few days of really nice weather and I told little C. it was time to "break out the short sleeves." He was ecstatic! Then, enter the cold weather and ugh. What's a mother to do, right? I kid you not, he started to whine and complain about another long sleeve shirt as I grabbed this new one. But, the instant I started to slide it on him, he fell silent. SILENT. I'm not even kidding. He stopped whining and my day was made. :)

Pretty sure he gets his tactile sensitivity from his mama (considering I practically live in glorified designer t-shirts like Splendid, LnA and Nation). And if you have a child with allergies, eczema or autism, these shirts are lifesavers. None of the itchiness or irritating seams...just amazing softness! Now I'll be lucky to get him back in his short sleeves come warmer weather. ;)

P.S. Quick mom brag (bear with me). little C. is alllllmost completely potty-trained. It didn't happen in a flash (if you can buy M&Ms in bulk and download the "Potty Time" iPad app, DO IT), and if you're a boy mom you know. Let's all do a happy dance in our heels and pray the end of this all is very near. It's just no fun. Moving on...

[Photo via Teres Kids]

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  1. I ADORE our Teres Kids clothing, my 3yo girl wears it constantly, and I have zero dressing issues in the AM before preschool, huge! I can't wait for the spring colors....


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