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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jessica Alba Hearts Tory Burch

 I've decided...after little debate...that the Tory Burch grosgain fedora Jessica Alba recently wore is the single thing I want most for spring/summer. Omigosh, y'all. It's this beach lover's dreeeeeeeam. Well, the "Catarina Long Caftan" ($375) is as well, but baby steps, folks. I do have a shoe fund as well. At $95, this hat seems worth every penny to me (aka beach staple) - from the fun ribbon to the lightweight straw design. There's a TB logo thrown in on there as well, duh, which ups the cool factor that much more. Since my pretend BFF Jessica Alba's been practically living in her fedora (um, and the entire Tory Burch collection) throughout her St. Barth's vacay, I imagine you'll have to think fast to scoop up one of these, girls. And while the caftan is simply gorgeous on JA, I have a feeling this lil' gal might not pull it off so well (fedora? yes.). 

Jessica also wore Tory's sunnies and Amalie sandals while in the tropics. Now I can vouch for how amazing a pair of TB sunnies are...they are the sturdiest, most glamorous pair I've ever owned, all in one. Hey, you get what you pay for, indeed. The sandals are $285 and all of the strapiness is so, so chic. If you're gonna wear sandals, make them fancy, right? This is sort of a glammed up gladiator, if you will, and I love the bright hue. I'm not sure if my tender feet could endure all of those straps, so I would have to try them on, but to the eye, aren't they just downright pretty?

Last but not least, Jessica was seen wearing the Kathleen Skirt in Ivory Akira. While I couldn't find this particular skirt anywhere (I think it's a past season, perhaps?), I did find lots of TB pieces in this stunning Akira print and I'm in love with a particular cover-up. Let's just go ahead and add that to the summer TB dream list, mm k? But the maxi really is a great silhouette for the spring/summer season and I know I love having one catch the breezes at the beach, especially when it's silk like this one. Ahhhhh...it seems having Tory as a friend has done Jessica some stylish good. ;)

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