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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kate Hudson's Chic Sunnies

I can hardly watch a movie with Kate Hudson in it and think through the entire thing, how does she look so darn cute alllll the time? I mean, recently I saw a photo of her arriving back at her NY hotel with her husband, she's probably been walking around the city all day long, and she looks. so. effortless. A low ponytail that I'm gonna have to recreate stat. And her sunnies!

They're Westward \\ Leaning "Children Of California" sunglasses ($10 from every pair sold go to Teach for America in San Fran!) with blackened California redwood and muted silver. Remember when I wrote about these shades way back when? Yep, the chicness factor of this brand is not dying anytime soon. Everyone in H-wood has a pair

I think the pair Kate's been wearing might just be my fav...subtle yet so very effective. Considering I never travel anywhere without my sunglasses nearby (yes, this def includes the beloved mailbox, my dears), a pair of these celebrity-loved sunnies just might be one of my best investments all year. Not to mention I'd look just like Kate. Wink.

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