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Monday, April 15, 2013

Ouidad's New WAVE Create Collection Launches Tomorrow

It's so funny because I've never, ever considered myself a "wavy-haired" girl. Since I was born, I've had stick-straight hair, but each year, the older I get (groan), the wavier it gets. And I actually don't mind it one bit! It's really easier to manage because I don't have to worry about tiny waves trying to make their way into my stick-straight tresses, I can just forget about it and embrace all sorts of waves! It's quite nice being a free spirit. ;) 

So now that I have these lovely waves, I've found a kindred spirit in a certain brand called Ouidad. Remember last week's post on how to get beach waves? Well, tomorrow Ouidad's coming out with even more products to get those beautiful curls and waves, and I'm so excited to try them! The new Wave Create Collection will include Sea Spray and Texture Taffy, and what's cool about these? If you don't have the natural waves as I do, you can totally achieve it with these two products. Um, yay?? Wait. It's also true these two products are free of all the yucky stuff like parabens and sulfates. Complete score!

Natural seawater, mineral-rich sea salt crystals, vitamin-rich seaweed and algae extracts all work together to give you that "day at the beach" look. But instead of being limp and dehydrated as can be the case when you're really at the beach, your hair is left super hydrated and tousled. The taffy product is so fun because it's actually stretchy - and it includes sea kelp so it has tons of vitamins and minerals

The spray and taffy are $22 each and you can use them alone or together to create those waves your straight hair covets. Set your alarm and head find yours tomorrow at ouidad.com, Ouidad Flagship salons, Ouidad certified salons or Ulta.

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