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Monday, April 15, 2013

Selena Gomez Hearts Her Hudson Skinny Jeans

I admit it. I own one zillion pairs of jeans. But, mark my word, each pair has their very own qualities about them I like. Color, style, quality, best with heels, etc. One of the "best-fitting" pairs of jeans in my entire closet is by Hudson. They were sent to me a few years ago; I immediately tried them on; they fit like a glove. End of story. Don't you just love denim relationships like that? Swoon.

While my pair is the classic bootcut (which is amazing with heels, by the way, and the wash is fantastic), Selena Gomez apparently has a new love affair with her Hudson "Collin" skinny jeans. I see why, too. The wash is called "Youth Vintage" and it's really a go-with-anything "medium blue" color - both flattering and chic. I'm way, way, way, way (get that?) into the distressed look at the moment. While I've had a pair for years, I'm getting back into that "ripped from here to there don't care" look. It's sorta effortless chic, if you will. The Collin skinny is $210, but the way a pair of Hudson jeans makes your butt look is priceless. Girls, I'm serious. Scoop. these. up.

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