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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sienna Miller Hearts Paper Denim & Cloth

Remember Paper Denim & Cloth? I remember dying to have a pair back in the day, and didn't realize the brand was still around these days. Silly, silly me! They make both adult and kid's clothing, so now that I'm (completely) aware, I'm in major danger territory. You know I have a soft spot for denim, right? 

Well, one of my fav denim lovers and chic lil' mamas is Sienna Miller because she always does what she wants in fashion, and I admire her for that. She also has some pretty fabulous taste in designers, so I trust her. She obvi loves her some Paper Denim & Cloth and above she's wearing the EZE Skinny Slouch, an amazing boyfriend jean that retails for $218. Boyfriend jeans are the closet to heaven you'll get in a pair of denim...I just wore a pair this past weekend. It's a new mom's BFF, really. I seriously doubt I could pull off how she wore hers with sneakers (I usually opt for heels, ballet flats or lately, ankle booties), but it doesn't look half bad to me. I'm pulling out the ol' Converse now...

She's also been wearing the heck out of the Lexington Sweater (in bone white...$228) and I'm a believer in these mesh lovelies for spring. Again, not sure I could pull off this muted "hue" (I own another version in hot pink, so there ya go...), but the fisherman style paired with casual pants is just the perfect amount of effortless chic. New moms have it hard, so amazing work on still looking as cool as ever, Sienna. 

P.S. I'm not alone! So many celebs I interview tell me they also have a denim obsession. And I know Anne Hathaway is also a huge (!) fan of her Paper Denim (um, dream interview?)

[Photo Courtesy Paper Denim]

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