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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Newest Multi-Tasking FEED Bag

Happy Monday! Hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend. I never keep candy around the house, but I must admit I indulged a little this weekend (hence, the reason why I don't usually keep candy around the house...I'll wipe the cupboards clean!). I have a weakness for those chocolate marshmallow bunnies. I also have a weakness for those cute lil' FEED bags! 

Lauren Bush Lauren has created the FEED Function Bag for all of us multi-taskers out there, and I think I'm gonna have to scoop up one for myself. Toting little C. to Mother's Day Out, running to the gym, the grocery store, shopping. The uses for this bag are completely endless, I say! I already own a FEED 100 bag, but it is a little small for picking up a ton of groceries (just the essentials), and I love how this bag has the option of handles or a longer strap (I could def swing that strap over my shoulder on the go...and it comes in blue, green or black!). It also has lots of pockets (think iPad, iPhone, business cards, etc.)...I know I could use that.

Each (100-percent organic) bag purchased will provide 100 meals to school children globally. So when you're in the middle of your multi-tasking you can feel good knowing that handy, dandy bag of yours is not only helping you, but someone else, too. Buy one at FeedProjects.com.

[Photo Courtesy FEED]

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  1. I met Lauren at a luncheon in Detroit where she spoke. She is very impressive. Great cause--www.motownsavvy.com


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