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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Mom I'd Like to Fit?

Happy Whiny Wednesday, mamas! We've almost made it through this week, eh? I'm extra-excited to get through this one because I've got all kinds of plans with my BFFs, who I haven't seen in ages. One's pregnant, one's got a brand-new baby and the other's just gonna be asked all those annoying questions about when she's ready! (Ya reading, H?) :) A good girl's weekend is long overdue! We need to take time for ourselves so we can be the best moms we can be. I know it truly makes a difference for me!

With that being said, this week I'm participating in a super-cute campaign with True & Co. Are you a MILF like me? No, it's not like that at all (as I blush from cheek to cheek).True & Co. has dubbed this term: Mom I'd Like to Fit. Yep, remember the other day when I told you all about the fun bra site and how I had found all of my new long-lost bra loves? (Seriously, my bra wardrobe is delightful these days because of them!) Having the proper fitting bra is truly a luxury and pretty underthings are kinda like treating yourself, right? By going to the True & Co. site and taking your "fit quiz," you're giving yourself the fit you deserve. Because it's easy to get caught up in soccer games, cheer practice, homework and the dishes. Don't forget yourself and find your fit now! You'll love how easy it is - and the gorgeous selection of bras is amazing.

Go to the True & Co blog now to enter to win a bra makeover (retail: $100 value!)...Happy Mother's Day to you? ;)

P.S. For more on the campaign (including other fabulous bloggers/MILFs & their tykes) and to see a close-up and me and little C. when he was just a bebè (and why I love being a mom!), click here.

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