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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Plasma Cars

Can I mention that this zippy little ride has been the single most enjoyable toy little C's owned so far? Nope, not the glorious huge teepee I fell in love with and had Santa bring him one Christmas...not the monogrammed chair he could call his very own...nor the enormous train table chock full of trains. But, the Plasma Car

Every year, we've bought little C. something new to ride - first there was the "rocket scooter" (which he does still love), then the red wagon (which is great for neighborhood jaunts), the tricycle, the Easy Roller, the balance bike and, of course, the beloved Cozy Coupe, which is pretty much a rite of passage for any little kid. But now that he's getting a little old for the Coupe and hasn't quite gotten big enough for the Roller or bike, it's all about the Plasma, folks. And what better place to ride than those hardwood floors of ours, right? Blush. It's true. 

Like the description says, it's "powered by the forces of nature," um, maybe that's a nice way of saying, it's powered by a verrrrrry quick toddler who can scoot on this thing. You better watch your heels (no really, the heels of your feet) when little C's riding this because he doesn't exactly care what's in his way. Ouch. The steering wheel pretty much makes this car go, and when you turn the wheel it stops it. (well, that and putting your feet down, which little C. does at the very last minute to come to a screeching halt)

The fact that it requires no pedals or gears, and can be safely used inside our house (no really, we don't just let him barrel into things...it's not like that at all) makes it easier than his other rides. It's designed for 3 years and up, so he's at the perfect age for it. The most annoying part? little C. feels he needs to ride it to every, single room, then "park" it in the doorways, and if I try to move it he proclaims "that was the last parking spot!" Ohhhhh dear...I'm afraid he's been in the car with someone a little too much. Blush again.

P.S. I found them on the Pottery Barn Kids site for $69, but I think you can find them at Target for more like $49...

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