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Friday, April 26, 2013

Win 1 of 5 Beauty Books!

Happy Friday! I know I've been quite absent on many Fridays lately (hey, I like to start my weekend early...shrug!), but today I just had to tell you about this new book I've been reading,. Um, or read. I got The Beauty Detox Foods by celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder (think Drew Barrymore...Kerry Washington!) in the mail earlier this week and literally read it its entirety from cover to back (well besides all the recipes) in one sitting...I'm obsessed! I was inspired so much that I actually decided to cut out all of my dairy asap (yes, that even means almond milk over cow's milk...WOW). 

There are so many amazing tips in this book on how to beautify your skin, your hair, your body...it's quite fascinating to read and it uncovers many myths that I can't believe I fell for...agave nectar is actually a glorified ingredient that's not so good for you?! You don't say. Not to mention, I'm now leary of soy (everyone thought it was perfect, right?) and certain oils. Sometimes it's literally just about being educated...what you don't know can hurt you. I'm really curious to see how ridding of my dairy intake will affect my skin...my body...my mind. So far, so good, but you know what? It's quite hard! I didn't realize how much I relied on my milk (even if it's only in coffee) and cheese until now.

Plus, now I know what foods I should eat to maintain glowing skin, luscious lucks and a cellulite-free body. I literally went to Whole Foods the next day and loaded up on pumpkin seeds, almonds and kale. Hey, it's worth a try! :)

Wanna win a signed copy?? Just comment below - make sure you leave an email somehow - and I'll choose FIVE lucky winners next week. Best of luck - can't wait for you to be inspired!

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  1. I've been working out and have lost weight but I know it would go faster if I could change my eating habits completely. I'd love this book to help me on my journey.


  2. Nothing like a good book to change your life


  3. I would love to have this book! Ive heard good things.


  4. This looks like a great book to get me on a healthy track! christycat02@aol.com


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