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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Candela, Take Me Away

Ok, fine. Celeb obsession much? I have a slight girl crush on Alessandra Ambrosio - her beauty amazes me! Not to mention, she's a mom of two and can work those cutoffs like nobody's business. Le. Sigh. But, really...who would've thought to pair white with, um, white like she did recently? It makes a great tan pop, but on myself I'm afraid it might fade into the rest of the paleness as one white sheet of ghost. But...

Can a girl dream? I would hope to look juuuuust like her on vacay, my hair blowing in the breeze in Cannes, of course. This Aimee sweater by Candela is so, so pretty and even has a lace back...gasp! I would totally wear it on my next boat outing in Cannes. And it's a cotton blend so it's light as a feather (I could hear you mouthing the word sweater to yourself as if it was a dirty word.)

Now, instead of daydreaming of it with me, you can actually buy it here...for $230. So worth it to look like Alessandra though, right?

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