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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Classic Never Fails

Let’s be honest, there have been at least a couple of years when your Mother’s Day gifts have lacked creativity - Despite our best intentions, sometimes we just run out of ideas!  Well this year, it’s time to give that special lady a gift worthy of her one-of-a-kind self. I’m talking about a classic that never fails – Jewelry! 

Or more specifically, diamond jewelry - Because I have yet to meet a mom (or any woman, for that matter) who could resist a brilliant piece of diamond jewelry! 

Now, I’m sure your mom showed enthusiasm for the macaroni jewelry that you crafted in your childhood, but you’ll want to make sure that this year’s Mother’s Day gift leaves her speechless.  And what better way to wow her than with sparkling diamond bracelets!  Whether she’s a vintage mom who likes a delicate style, or a movie-star mom who prefers some mega-bling, there’s a diamond bracelet to suit every style.  For the glamorous mom, try some chunky bangles or Red Carpet styles. And for the mom who prefers subtle style, try a dainty vintage or classic tennis bracelet. 

You could also try another die-hard classic – a diamond necklace.  Moms will love this traditional gift, whether you choose to keep the style simple, or opt for a more embellished option. If you’re not sure which style your mom would like best, I recommend the Riviera diamond necklace as a staple accessory. This necklace’s concentric setting and shining stones will balance any outfit with a combination of elegance and flair. No matter which design you choose, a diamond necklace will give your mother a way to show the whole world that she is cherished, and she will proudly wear your gift everywhere that she goes. 

Don’t let this Mother’s Day gift become another flop – Make her feel like Mother of the Year with a sophisticated diamond accessory. Flowers and candy may be an easy choice year after year, but their enjoyment is fleeting. So instead, give the classic gift of diamond jewelry, and you’ll be giving your mother a memory that she can enjoy for a lifetime.
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Anjolee for this post.
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