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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day: What I Gave My Mama

Wondering what I gave my mama for Mother's Day? Ok, probably not. But, can I at least tell you? See, my mom is the hardest person to buy for on the planet. I ask her on every occasion what she wants and she always replies with the "I have everything I need and don't need anything," line. Heavy sigh. Sorry mom, but it makes this happy gift giver groan. Can you believe my mom just isn't into frilly lip gloss, hair products and heels like moi? I love her all the more because of that - because instead of worrying about herself, she's always worrying about one of us. 

This year, however, I think I hit the nail on the head! I gave her a set of travel bags (not the ones pictured above, but similar) by Modella. Ahhhh, something useful and still pretty! I'm 99.9 percent sure I saw her eyes light up when she opened them. After all, blue and brown are among both mine and my mom's fav color combos. These bags have lots of compartments, are the perfect (compact) travel size and one of the versions I gave my mom even had reusable bottles in it. Ya don't say? 

Now if only I can convince mom to fill her bags with lotsa pampering goodies...lip gloss, perhaps? ;) 

P.S. And because I know my mom's one of my most devoted readers and she's reading this now, can I say how much I adore her and am thankful for every, single thing she does for me (it's a lot, folks). Coming from a "house full of girls," she, my sister and I are like BFFs and I know I can count on mom for anything. A few things I've learned from her are "shoot for the moon," "never give up," "life's not fair" and "everything in moderation." I love my mom's advice and her sayings even if she thinks I roll my eyes at her way too often. I talk to my mom every. single. day. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Love you, mom. xoxo

[Photo via Modella Facebook]

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