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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nikki Reed in Orange ShoeMint Pumps

Someone's gonna hafta pick up my jaw off the floor this morning. I can't stop gaping at these ShoeMint heels. About to change the background on my entire computer screen, it's just that bad. I knew I already had it terribly bad for ShoeMint (I wore my new white heels for Mother's Day this week...squeal!), but it sorta freaks me out how I love every single pair of shoes they design. I mean, do I really have that big of a problem?? Don't answer that. 

Nikki Reed recently wore the ShoeMint Carrie in orange while attending the 7 for All Mankind x Nikki Reed Jewelry Collection presentation in Orlando (hey, guess I'm behind...who knew!). A classic pump can be made new and AMAZING when you splash it with a bold color...hello, orange. I don't own any orange heels in my closet (yet!). And when you add a small detail like that metallic drop of loveliness on the heel here, it's simply a jaw-dropping shoe that everyone asks you...where did you get those?

I'd def pay $89.98 over hundreds for a designer shoe, you betcha. And pair it just as Nikki does here...distressed jeans, check. Silky blouse in a muted hue, check. I'm telling you...these orange darlings had me at hello.

P.S. But do save them for work or semi-special occasions - don't wear them to Target or Chuck E. Cheese. I hate that.

[Photo Courtesy ShoeMint]

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