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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: We're Losing Our Marbles

I must admit, this is certainly one of the prettiest toys I've seen in awhile! Ya know, with a boy you take what you can get...we have a blue ball, a green ball, a red ball...you get the point. So when PlanToys offered to send me the Marble Run - Deluxe, I happily obliged. After all, sports gets old after awhile. 

The marble run is 30 wooden (made from safe rubberwood sawdust!) pieces of joy. The minute we took it out of the box, little C's face lit up. His mind was very intrigued with how it would play out...and he soon began learning what's the tallest? What's the shortest? How can I build it different each time? Love that. He's a curious little guy!

Of course, the worrywart in me always puts the five marbles away out of reach after we're done playing. Besides the fact I don't want one ingested, you know how quick you can lose one of those things rolling around the hardwood floor? Too. Quick. Magically, we still have all of them (well, some days I don't...haha...pun intended), and it works great pulling them out when it's time to play. I like to do this game together anyway, as it does take patience and adjusting for each "run." 

It's a great way to teach patience, in fact, as each time I tell little C., "ok, now remember we have to test it out and see which colors we need to adjust if it rolls off." This is basically a preemptive for him not to get mad when the marble rolls off and onto the floor. 

This is one of those games I can see him playing for years - such great problem solving! And we never tire of switching up...things can get crazy when we make them go under each other...ohhhh, ahhhhh. And a couple of times we've even mastered sending all five marbles down one after the other. Then there's usually high fives and dancing afterwards - oh, to be a fly on our wall. ;)

P.S. For more fun toy ideas, via the PlanToys Facebook and the PlanToys Twitter page.

[Photo Courtesy PlanToys]

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