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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Save the Date Necklaces

I'm completely in LOVE with the idea of these nameplate necklaces by Alexis Russell Jewelry...save the date! Eek! It's customizable up to nine characters (letters or numbers) on each side, and comes in both 14 kt gold fill or sterling silver. What an amazing way to remember a date (haha, literally)! Your son's birthday, your wedding anniversary, the day you met that special someone. Gosh, I love it. Chicest memento ever.

 They retail for $128, but, to me, preserving any memory is priceless so it's worth every penny. The classic, simplistic style is so easy to pair with practically anything...LBD...skinny jeans....shoot, even cutoffs! And what a great conversation starter at parties...pretty sure everyone and their BFF will be clamoring to own the same precious jewel you do. Well, ya know, in their own date. ;)

 P.S. My own would be 6-17-05 - my sweet, sweet wedding anniversary. Eight years of happily (sometimes crazy, haha) wedding bliss. :)

[Photo Courtesy Alexis Russell Jewelry]

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