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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: little C's Fav Swimsuit

We finally got in our pool this week hooray (well, we tried it last week after a rain and WOO was that a mistake...brrrrrrrr). And when I say we, I mean little C. and I did, because I was making D. slave away at a new backyard fence (oopsie). But oh, did little C. and I have the most glorious time! I just love seeing him laugh and be happy, and the water is definitely a happy place for him. He's not afraid one bit, which is both amazing and frightening. :)

For his first swim, he wore the new swim outfit LL Bean sent us and looked as precious as can be. Something about wearing his big boy swimsuit that makes my heart melt (ok, I know, a lot of things do...). Since orange is still (!) his fav color, he didn't mind one bit suiting up in this BeanSport Surf Shirt ($26.95) in none other than white, gray and bright orange. He usually wears a 3T, but I went ahead and got 4T (after looking at the sizing chart, they run smaller) and it fit great! We just had to roll up the sleeves a tad. I love the long sleeves because unfortch little C. has fair skin like his mama. I also love the stretchy fabric because it's super easy to get on and off his little head. It dries very quickly and has a UPF of 50+. 

And the BeanSport Surf Shorts ($26.95) are a dream. The elastic waistband is so easy to pull on and off and the length on his little legs is perfect (I hate it when shorts are too long). These have the same SPF and quick-drying qualities as the shirt. Not to mention, being a fashion mom, I love how the two pieces coordinate. No thinking about what will match what here! Just grab, go and swim. 

Can't wait to try these out this week at the beach...squeal!!!

[Photos Courtesy LL Bean]

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