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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Puppet Show, Anyone?

You can never outgrow a good animal puppet. I must admit, I'm having a great time myself playing with our new kangaroo Cate & Levi sent us. I mean, isn't he cute?! While there are tons of adorable animals, I just couldn't resist the mama kangaroo with her little joey. Swoon. 

The Cate & Levi artisans used reclaimed wool to craft everything from kangaroos to sharks, elephants and dragons. And because it's a smaller company that cares, the toys are 100-percent eco-friendly and no two toys are ever alike with unique color combos. The puppets are just $25 each, so they make really good birthday or special occasion gifts! This is actually our second one, so I plan to have a puppet show with a kangaroo and a firefighter soon (won't that be interesting?). 

But, I really do love how hands-on (ha, literally) puppets can be. It's all about turning off the iPad and the electronics sometimes and just playing. Have fun changing your voice and creating difference scenarios and then let your kid do the same. Being a right-brained kid myself, using my imagination has always been my forte and I hope to bring up little C. the same way. Using these hand puppets really brings out the kid in all of us again and it helps when the puppets are this adorable! 

[Photo via Cate & Levi]

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