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Monday, June 17, 2013

Alessandra Ambrosio's Peasant Top Perfection

Don't roll your eyes at me; Alessandra Ambrosio is my current celebrity girl crush and the blue Sanctuary top she's been wearing recently is 100-percent me. It's one of the few times I can look at Alessandra actually and say I love that on her, and I think I would love that on me. Obvi everything she wears turns to gold, so it's hard to see something she wears and realize you could wear it, too. Am I right? I mean, I've seen this glam girl from inches away and she is that gorgeous. But all hail the Sanctuary brand, folks!

It's one of my absolute fav brands because, yes, all women can wear it! The jeans are just magical (I own them in purple and mint), but some of the hues and fabrics are just out of this world beautiful. I'm scouring the site right now to find this peasant top because it's too fab with short shorts and sandals, yes? Summertime is meant for billowy (although I do like it quite all the time) and this is gonna be a new addition to my closet soon. Can I get an amen?

**Now adios, I'm off to din with the hubs...moi, moi and moi. xoxo

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