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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's Almost Time! FEED USA x Target

I've had this email in my inbox for weeks now without a chance to really think about it. And honestly, I thought it would be a couple of bags, maybe a wallet. But, look, y'all! The Feed USA x Target collab might just be one of my favs. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll recall me saying I'm so tired of everyone collaborating. And to be honest, it does get old...some are more appealing than others and some are just more practical. This one? I can totally get behind since I practically lived out of my own FEED bag while at the beach last week. It was the perfect carry-all for my essentials (wallet, sunscreen, water) and fit perfectly into my bicycle basket (just as important). The burlap reusable bag above is just $10...seriously! And EEK, the orange FEED tote below is $35 worth of super-chic goodness.

Even the fleece top and denim shirt are just $25, which is way cuter than the collection I had imagined. I can't wait to get to Target for the launch date of June 30 to pick out a few things. The collection will feature apparel not only for women, but also men and babies (squeal! with an Americana theme, no less). The idea behind feeding the hungry and everything that FEED represents is just epic and one I hope everyone will join in on and contribute. Every little bit helps! (aka the onesies below are $20 for three and provide 15 meals each...pretty awesome.)

[Photos Courtesy Target]

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