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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shine Bright

A good watch never goes out of style, and personally I love a little watch candy on my arm every now and then. (hey, even if I do check my phone for the time...yes, I'm so guilty.) Modify Watches are under $50 and you can mix and match the faces and straps 2,000 different ways. No, really! 

The orange with the dots above has stolen my heart, but really anything with a bright color just sets me off. Accessories are the best (and easiest) way to wear color. And wearing color is just so FUN. It's really sorta addictive, right? There are so many great colors here and might I mention my girl crush of the moment Alessandra Ambrosio loves them? I envision mine with denim cutoffs and a white button down. There ya go. Easy - and statement. made.

P.S. Throughout the month of June, Modify Watches is partnering with Generosity Water to support their mission of ending the clean water crisis in developing countries by donating $20 of every limited-edition "Together" face directly to Generosity Water. 

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