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Thursday, June 13, 2013

What to Give For Father's Day

Knock, knock. Father's Day is oh-so-soon, and to be honest, all D. reallllly wants from myself and little C. is a moment of peace and quiet to watch his golf tournament. Fair enough. He'll get that, but I'm also passing over some beauty products, natch. Obvi before D. and I met his hygiene included Ivory soap, a razor and a comb. And on special occasions I'm sure he spritzed a little cologne, but that can't be guaranteed. He met me and BAM. He can't make it through a week without me touting some new-fangled guy product his way - here, test this! His beauty routine now consists of nothing but the best and rivals my own.

So...if you're looking to up your guy's beauty ante a bit, might I introduce Organic Male? The OM4 travel collections are especially great for that guy on the go. (D. doesn't travel much, but we do visit the in-laws a bit...) This organic male skincare is superb - consider it "skin food." And good skin is sexy, amen? Each set includes 14 (!) travel safe packets, including a face wash, balancer, serum and moisturizer. And there are sets for different skin types - oily, dry, even sensitive. At just $29, it's a rather fancy deal and a great way to ease your guy into a more complex routine. Wink. 

P.S. Not married or attached just yet? L'Occitane has some amazing gifts for dear ol' dad. I myself have converted my dad to the better side of beauty, tossing his Zest bars and bringing in the big guys. He's never been the same. ;) While L'Occitane sells a separate razor and shaving brush, I highly rec the Cade Gift Set for $55. It's the ultimate grooming experience and includes everything for a smooth, clean shave. Which is what every guy (and girl) appreciates, no?

Disclaimer: Products were provided for this review. 

[Photos Courtesy Organic Male; L'Occitane]

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