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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Cutest Nap Time Ever

These are reversible...brilliant, right?
Ok, I know I squeal a lot, but when I found out about these Peachy Cheeks Baby nap mats I squealed more than ever. Soooooo cute! Talk about southern loving...Peachy Cheeks are based out of Georgia (hence the name) and all of the designs are handmade right in the USA. They're fun, functional and completely fabulous for a little baby all the way up to napping age (which, err, differs obviously). The mats are made from a special PUL water-resistant fabric and they're pre-washed so you don't have to worry about shrinking. Now let's get their uses...

Remember how I said napping ages vary, ahem. Well good ol' little C. is trying to transition right outta those naps (insert a huge groan here). When Peachy Cheeks offered to send me this nap mat I thought GENIUS. When it showed up, his eyes lit up and I just knew he was hooked. Here's where I'm not going to lie. We're still working on it, folks. We've now used this cute lil' nap mat as a changing pad (we're 85-percent potty trained, dears...it's rough), a play mat (little C. loves to fit as many things on it as possible) and a really, really great way to watch DVDs...on the floor with mama. Swoon. 

Which goes to show you exactly how many uses this extraordinary nap mat really has, mamas. (although they do sell an actual changing pad and Nap Mat Jr. for your smaller ones) Besides the fact that I can't stop staring at its cuteness. 

P.S. You can personalize your mat for just $7 more and it's totally worth it. At up to nine characters, you can choose a name or monogram with font and thread color choices. The mat itself is $73 (toddler version), and well worth the investment of something that makes you squeal this much. ;) Oh yeah, and I'll keep ya updated on the nap thing...
I knew when I saw orange & blue that this Zoom Zoom pattern would be the one.

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  1. So cute! I will have to order one! Thanks! :)


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