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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Hoppity Hop

And we came home with another toy to add to the playroom...I know, like he needed it, right? Oh, but he did. This Rody toy is amazing! I'm one of those suckers who falls for the marketing tactic when stores place their items outside on display. Ya know, to try to lure folks in and, obvi, to buy the products they set out. While at the beach, I fell for this trick not once, but twice. But then I proceeded to show the grandparents this cute lil' horsey toy and one was not only taken home to our house, but little cousin M's as well (his in this lime green; hers in pink...and oh, they looked adorable together on them!). 

Rody comes in a larger size, but since little C's feet couldn't touch I opted for the regular size ($52.95). Come to find out, it's recommended for ages 2-4 - perfect. It's made of super strong (latex-free AND Phthalate free!) vinyl and is just the toy to develop that balance and coordination I still long for in my adult life (think he'd mind if I borrow?). There are millions of colors to choose from, and all the bouncy fun is great for both indoors and outdoors. Just watch where they bounce! It's sure to spawn some giggle outta everyone. 

P.S. You shoulda seen little C. holding it on the golf cart all the way back to the cottage. You could barely see his little body...adorable. Now we just need to buy the base to turn it into a fun rocking horse!

[Photo via Rody]

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