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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: iGuy Saves the Road Trip

Hey mamas, I'm back! Whew...from an 11-hour road trip with a 3-year-old toddler, to boot. We just got back this weekend from our annual family beach trip and it was a blast! Kinda tough to have a bad trip to the beach, though, in moi opinion. Every year it seems we get a little bit savvier in how to travel with a tot. For example, the first year when "baby" C. was just six months old, it was miserable. We knew nothing. He cried...I cried. Last year, we added a DVD player and that was pretty brill. Now this year, he hardly wanted to watch it. Why? Oh, the beloved iPad mini. What's more? This beloved iGuy by speck (you might have read about it just last week from Marissa's guest post?).

After I read about it from Marissa's post, I immediately ran to Target to get one (no joke). They only had the color blue above, so that's exactly what we got. I surprised little C. with it when I got home, and he now calls the iPad "his" iPad. Ruh roh. 

This cute little case is so awesome that I might never put my fancy case on it again (uh, will I even be allowed by little C. is the question?). At just $30, it's free-standing foam (so it can be tossed around a bit), but the best part obviously is the arms that allow a small child to hold it more easily (especially in the car!). Not to mention, how fun is he to look at all the time? We love you, iGuy.

P.S. little C. was a complete angel on the drive and I do owe it mostly to the iPad mini, which I highly rec for parent who are considering. I loaded about 10 new games for the trip there, then more for the trip back, and he was good to go. Obviously it's best to use it as a learning tool, so I usually choose games like Elmo ABCs or Counting 123. But there are some pretty fun cooking games as well (cupcakes, hamburgers, ice cream...you name it!).

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