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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fringe Boot Love

Kate Hudson. It's hard not to just hug her through the screen, right? Um, and the boots she's been wearing on her movie set. Let's discuss. They're H by Hudson boots (I know, ironic, but no relation), a brand I've just recently discovered. Sigh. I certainly did not need to go online now and research the "ankle boots" section from H by Hudson. Biiiiig mistake. Now I want every, single pair (ohhh, especially the artsy Coachella!).

Kate wore a fringe pair while filming her new movie Good People in London. Fringe...studs...quirky and stylish! I love them with jeans or a skirt. The boots also come in gray or khaki for those who don't wanna look just like Kate. But I think the tan version she wore is the perfect go-with-anything color! Fringe bathing suits? Ugh, I can't. Fringe handbags? Eh, maybe. Fringe boots? Why, yes please. I've gotta take one more peek at that ankle boot section...it's good y'all. 

P.S. Hope you have a chic weekend...I'm off for a long one with the in-laws! (No really, an extra day.) Wish me luck! ;)

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