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Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting Out of a Beauty Rut

Things just keep getting more and more personal on here - meet...my FRIENDS! Well, besides you all, obvi. My BFF L. is having her second baby in September, so we gave her a little "sprinkle" to give her some boy things since she already has a girlie. S & H are to the left of her and that's her sister-in-law S. on the other side of me. Sweet southern gals we are. ;) (It's just too bad you can't see my neon heels, y'all!)

For the day, I got a blowout from my superstar stylist H., who I very well might consider one of the most important people in my life. Gosh, what would my hair do without her?! And then...I remembered I had a new Stila eye shadow palette that had - gasp - a brand-new eye liner in it. I think it was leftover from the Lucky FABB swag bag all the way back in September. Jackpot. Squeal!!!

The worst beauty habit I have (well besides biting my fingernails...yuck, I know) is getting in an eye shadow rut. I'll literally wear the same eye shadow until it runs out. Zzzzzzzz....so I was pretty proud of myself for venturing out and trying this "In The Know" palette ($39), which I now LOVE, by the way. I've been using "air" as the base (I use my makeup brushes to apply everything), and then "driftwood"( a mid-tone brown) and sometimes even "smoke" (a matte charcoal gray). The colors are quite delicious and all so subtle that I vow to branch out and try them all...I've promised myself! And the eye liner (in Half Moon, which is a gorgeous gray) is actually a waterproof smudge stick that's completely awesome...so easy to apply and it stays on much longer than the usual.

So far I've only used the shadows in the day, but if I ever get the chance to dress up all fancy at night, I'll wet them and try them darker for a melodramatic effect. These shadows are a nice switch from the pastel greens and blues I had been wearing. Sometimes all you need in your beauty routine is a little, bitty change to make yourself feel really good! Try it!

P.S. That's my all time fav 3.1 Phillip Lim trapeze dress I found many moons ago on the Barneys sale rack. Ah, memories that literally last forever.
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