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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How I Wore My Heels: So Girly

Hi, honey bunnies! I know...you're thinking, girl where have those heels been. But, alas...they're back! I took a vacay and my flip-flops (I blush at the word) had hijacked my wardrobe. So, thank you, Diana E Kelly, we're back on track! With jewels, no less. 

Whenever I wear jewels on my peeptoes, I just feel sooooo girly. It's hard not to, right? Throw in a headband and watch out - it's princess status. I had completely forgotten all about this Alex Wang dress hidden in the back of my closet from ages ago, so decided to give purple a go - it is the color of royalty, ya know. Summertime. Spaghetti straps. Jeweled peeptoes. Oh, and who can resist a quirky nautical necklace to mix up the fun? I know I couldn't. Happy to see you folks again...I'd missed ya! xoxo

Here's how I wore my heels:
Gold glittery headband from J.Crew ($7 steal!)
Alexander Wang silk dress (infamous Barneys sample sale score...so worth it. Although, I had to lose my modesty to try it on in a tiny chaotic corner.
Balkan Knot Necklace gifted by Hearts (have a feeling I'm gonna "tie this one on" with everything...love!)
Purple clutch by Mila Anthony
Jeweled "Elizabeth" peeptoes gifted Diana E Kelly (this pump complete with a dainty circle brooch is just too much! So sparkly and the epitome of girly. Wear it day or night!)

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  1. You look so cute! Love those heels!!



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