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Monday, July 8, 2013

More Squeals for ALDO x PREEN

You know how I've been swooning over the ALDO Rise x Preen Buito heel, right? (add Selena Gomez to the list of wearers...) Well, there's yet another heel in the collab I'm just soooo excited about: the Musilova. Oh, be still my heart! Kate Bosworth recently stepped out wearing it and it made me squeal! 

There's so much adorable about this shoe! The ivory is a must this summer, but I love the Mary Jane style with the thick buckle and shiny hardware. Because it's not as strap happy as the Buito, it's got a little bit more everyday wearability. The detailing on the front and back stiletto is just genius (it's not just ivory, folks!), and the point is, err, right en pointe. If I had to add just one more shoe to my closet this summer, this would be it! The Musilova (ok, ok....or the Buito). You're thinking now: I know she didn't. Strong words, right?! But, yes, these have twisted my heart too long. It's time to add them, girls! Good thing I really don't have to add just one more shoe to my closet this summer. Whhhhhew. ;)

Oh and P.S. hope you all had an amazing Independence Day...totally forgot to ask? What a great, long weekend of swimming in the pool, grilling and playing with all the kids on the block for us! Now back to kicking off the lazy sandals and picking out this week's heels...xo

[Photo Courtesy ALDO]

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