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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Classic Leather Tote

Every now and then I get an email in my inbox that just makes me SQUEAL upon immediate opening. Honestly, I delete half of the hundreds (!) of press releases I receive every day because, trust me, you wouldn't find them compelling. This vintage tote bag? Oh, so compelling. I practically fell in love with it at first sight. After all, I am a fashion-conscious mama, which means this tote is both chic-friendly and mama-friendly. I can store all kinds of things in this magnificent wonder! And the leather is just way too gorgeous to resist a stare. After all, the tote style has been a classic from day one. 

You can find this one at The Whipping Post for $175 - not a bad price for a bag so durable and that will stand the test of time through all your outfit phases. Did I mention above it's practical? Move over crossbodies (um, not so practical), the classic, leather tote bag is making a def comeback. Adding to cart now...
[Photos via The Whipping Post]

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