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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: More Baby Deets

In case you didn't catch yesterday's announcement...yup, I'm pregnant! Whoa, mamas. Come February my life's gonna be so crazzzzzy, right? But in the best way possible - I'm so, so excited. (Gonna have to master typing with one hand again, however...) The past few months have been, eh, the typical first trimester. I'm one of the lucky ones who seems to at least experience a little bit of every symptom. 

When I had little C. almost four years ago, this blog was a brand-new baby itself - not even two years old. I fact, after I started I Heart Heels, I became pregnant with little C. less than one year later. So, I guess you can say I've allllways had both babies and peep-toes on the brain. ;) I started Whiny Wednesdays immediately after I became pregnant the first time, and this time I think I'll use this space to share both new baby/mom products, but also update you on what's going on in the pregnancy world. I've got a whole other month to wait to find out the gender, so that will be my next big announcement. Wink. 

For now, here are a few more baby deets...

When did you find out?
We were on our annual Florida vacay...the timing couldn't have been more special, right?! I immediately told our family (they were all with us, duh) by buying the cutest lil' onesie you've ever seen. They just so happened to all be babysitting for us while we went to our wedding anniversary dinner. So many celebrations in one day! 

How did you tell friends? 
I waited another month to tell my BFFs, and created a darling infographic using the "A Beautiful Mess" app (which I LOVE...see the graphic above?). I had planned to text it to them, but my phone was full (#socialmediaproblems), so ended up emailing it to them.

Feeling ok?
I'm feeling much better now that the second trimester is arriving, but I must admit that for the past month each day has had an "ugh" moment. I've been living off Preggie Pops, a lifesaver. Other than that, I can't complain! There were several weeks in there where I tried to nap through dinnertime, which was pretty comical. ;)

What are you eating?
Um, let's just say that nothing too healthy sounds good, so I've been drinking V8 to get in my veggies (other than mashed potatoes). I haven't wanted to cook at all, so I admit I've been eating out a little much. Le sigh. FYI - I'm not one of those to not look pregnant or to lose wait while pregnant (people do that?). Another le sigh...

What are you wearing??
Right now, I'm still wearing normal clothes, but I know the end is near (insert just a few tiny sobs). Luckily I have a few awesome pairs of elastic shorts and one zillion flowy Michael Stars tops that are soooo saving me. I also have quite a few billowy dresses that work just as well as any maternity piece. I'm hoping to wait until closer to the fall/winter season to start most major maternity pieces so I don't have to buy summer at all. Luckily, I also have things I wore from the first pregnancy. And still a great closet full of heels... :)

How is this pregnancy different than the last?
NUMERO UNO? little C. Haha. Yes, it does change things a bit to have the little guy running around while all I want to do is curl up on the couch or feel sick (not to mention, home is my "work," so I have nowhere to hide but my shoe closet!). But, I trudge on, and he is actually very sweet about it all. With this pregnancy, I've felt more nauseated (and D. says I'm more hormonal...what?!?). I've also had more headaches. And they're certainly not kidding when they say the second time your belly pops much quicker. Hellloooooo baby. Keeping up the Pilates as long as I can...

So...is it a boy or girl?
I really have no clue! Maybe mamas are supposed to have a special intuition, but I have none. Although I have always said I'll have all boys (um, even my cat's a dude?), so we shall see. :) Either way, we've got some GREAT names chosen. In a couple of months I'll have a fun gender Q&A. Stay tuned!

Thank you from the bottom of my HEART for all of your kind words the past couple of days! Mwah, mwah and mwah! xoxo


  1. hey mama! Just saw the great news! Congrats on baby #2. Can't wait to check all your maternity style. Still braving the hot summer for baby #1 here. Putting on my brave face while I face the humidity;)

  2. Hiiii!! Thank you so much...you are so sweet! I've been noticing your tweets that you're in the 30's (weeks) now, and bless your heart! Congrats to you as well, and I hope you can stay cool for just a little bit longer until that baby arrives. Oh well, you look cute anyway! :)


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