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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Musical Bibs

Hi, yes...if you're just joining me, I don't have a baby. I have a former baby C. who is now little C. who does, however, talk about babies quite frequently in wonderment (why don't we have one of those, I'm sure he's asking himself) and sometimes tries to act like a baby (no, really. he tries to pull the I'm a baby thing on me all. the. time.). 

So, here we have these adorable bibs ($14.99) from Bibbles that I just had to tell all of you mamas with real babies about because they're just too fun! It's so functional because it's an easy-to-clean material, but it also has one of those handy pockets to catch crumbs...or, ya know, half a plate of food. The best part, of course, is it sings! We were sent the ABC version (there are several) to see firsthand, and wouldn't ya know it. little C. is def not in the four months to two years age bracket, and he rarely wears bibs anymore, but this is one bib he's obsessed with, dears. And I don't have any shame letting him wear it at home! (Hey, you haven't seen him eat spaghetti. The bib is just fine.)

In fact, he loves it so much he walks around pushing the button all day long on the bib as if it's a toy. If you can get your baby to do the same thing, you'll have endless hours of entertainment. And, seriously, a functional bib! That's pretty awesome.

[Photo via Bibbles]

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