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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Nod Baby

When The Land of Nod found out I was expecting, they immediately sent baby this sweet gift box...I'm still swooning from opening it, you guys. It's the sweetest thing ever! And I know I myself have had so many baby showers to attend lately, this is the cream of the crop gift. It's $49, but includes the perfect mix of everything. And it's gender neutral!

It includes the cutest lil' plush dinosaur, a wooden picture book (which babies tend to go gaga over), and THE softest blanket. (Seriously, can I "borrow" this until the baby arrives...) I tried to put it in the baby's room, but little C. wanted it in the baby's actual closet and out of sight, ha. So for now, that's where it will have to be until I can get some furniture in the room, and then maybe I can casually pull it out again and enjoy it. It's one of those things that's just as pretty as it is functional (as most toys are from The Land of Nod). It even comes packaged in the prettiest gift box. So if you are wanting to give this as a gift, it's a no brainer because you don't even have to piece together a gift bag and tissue paper. 

This is an exclusive from The Land of Nod and one sure to make any new mama - and baby - so, so happy. Swoon. I can't wait to have a "Nod" baby. :)

Thank you, The Land of Nod!

P.S. The company also has an amazzzzzing gray crib that has the whole modern vibe going - and it's rated #1 on the Consumer Reports list. It's $900 though, so I'm currently doing the ol' baby budget...I'll keep you posted on what we decide! xo

[Photo via The Land of Nod]

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