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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Not Your Average Mom Jean

I love a good "normal" celebrity mom. I feel like Jennifer Garner is as close as we'll get, y'all! She could be us, am I right? Toting our heavy tot in our arms (hey, little C. still loves to be carried) as we hand him something to keep him occupied (aka car keys), while also managing to carry 80 zillion toys and a sippy cup. Whew. No one said it was easy!

And while she doesn't look glamorous always per se, she always looks beautiful! She's usually doing mom duty and actually being with her son, gasp! Notice no nannies ever schlep behind. And those jeans she's been wearing? The best ever. If you're a mom who wants comfort, look no farther than the Avedon ultra skinny by Citizens of Humanity (the wash she has is Secret...no really, that's the name, ha). I own this jean (two pairs, actually) - I'm obsessed with this jean.

It's $209, but honestly a jean you'll wear the heck out of because - drumroll - it goes with any shoe. This is important though! Wear it with flats, boots or heels...it's great. (Just don't wear them with the loafers Jen likes...um, not a huge fan.) And then you can dress the jeans down for the playground or up for a night out with the husband since the skinny style works for all. And lest you think skinny is not for me, these fit like butter (although you might want to size up one...I did). They stretch a little with wear and become second skin. Ya know...kinda like that little guy attached to your left hip. 

P.S. I know I hardly give little C. updates anymore, so please forgive me! He's growing like a weed (both up and out!). His new fav restaurant is PF Chang's (lucky me, right) and he likes to do puzzles and sing. He's very active and taking a sports class now so he can run around and get out all his energy! (then wants to play the hockey he learned in the house) He says the cutest things every day and is all boy ("mama, the kissmaker is broken today" - when I asked him for kisses). He. Still. Hates. Shopping. Le sigh...

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