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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Celebs Heart One Dress A Day

Thanks to social media, alllll I've been hearing about lately is this new dress line called One Dress A Day. (it maybe pains me a little bit that I might not be able to fit in any of these dresses for any given day...le sigh...five.more.months.) The concept is just brilliant. Listen to read this. One Dress A Day is completely online shopping and creates a different (amazing) dress every day, for 365 days a year. Whoa, right?! 

The best part is, they're not just any dresses, they're cuuuuute dresses! I especially love yesterday's "Dublin" dress worn by Jessica Szhor (sorry if you do...it was so yesterday. just kidding! if the dress doesn't sell out, you can still purchase it.). But click on over to see today's dress, it's just as chic. And so many celebs have already rocked them: Olivia Palermo...Vanessa Hudgens...Cat Sadler. The dresses range in price ($129-169) and are worth every penny (hey, I see you #25).

I particularly love this dress more than any of the others on the site right now because of the details on the shoulder...too irresistible! What little precious darlings we could all be in this dress. The large pleats and drop waist are so perfect for our transition to fall and the tapered waist is super-duper flattering. And if you hate bare shoulders, just wear a cardi! 

I think I could consider buying one of these dresses every day. Oh. That's not what you're supposed to do?

P.S. Olivia was spotted recently in the Barcelona dress that hits online October 1. Hey, you heard it here first! It's hot, trust me.

[Photos Courtesy One Dress A Day]

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