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Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Favorite (Functional!) Sports Bra, JoeyBra

When little C's in "school" (hey, it's Mother's Day Out, but whatever), I head straight to the gym. And usually anywhere from three to four times a week. After baby I became even more enamored with Pilates, so I take a regular class and then I get in some cardio afterwards. In the past, I've bought my sports bras from a big box retailer because they're usually on sale, but I've found they wear out waaaaay fast. No joke. Unfortunately, I go too long between buying new ones, too. So, I was pleased as punch to be able to try out the new JoeyBra Sport! This bra is incredible, girls. 

It retails for $39.99, so it's more than I normally pay for my sports bras, except I love it much more. The price is well worth the cost of having to replace the other flimsy, cheap bras every couple of months. This one has endurace, stamina, and WAIT. A pocket for your key and iPod while you exercise? No freaking way. 

The zippered pockets are especially cute and handy for those who love to run, but even for those like me who get on the treadmill and find they have "things" and nowhere to put those "things." And you have to admit the touch of pink is quite adorable. Another simple design, but one I had forgotten even existed in a sports bra is the adjustable fit. It has three settings on the back and wears just like a normal bra. I had gotten so used to the pullover style (ugh), I didn't realize what I was missing out on, y'all! 

I've literally been wearing the JoeyBra all the time for the past couple of weeks and not only am I thrilled with the cute pockets, but the support is amazing. (One day I wore it under a black dress...shhhhhh!) Better go before I tell you all of my secrets!

P.S. The JoeyBra also comes in a typical fashion bra (in black or snow leopard) for $29.99 and I hear it's just as amazing!

[Photo via JoeyBra]


  1. Not at all, Glamorjess. They sent me the sports bra and I wear it religiously! Have a great day! xo


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